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Requesting eBird Data

Original Post on eBird: New eBird Data Access Tools Available

eBird Data is now easier than ever to get your hands on, that is if you are using the data for science or research. This is a valuable tool for ornithologists, avian ecologists, scientists, and researchers. I am specifically interested in using the data to possibly ground truth Migration Predictions.

From eBird:

“eBird data are freely available for science and research use, but it is important that we keep track of how these data are being used and in what kinds of research, so that we can serve everyone better and better document the importance of the eBird database. The new data request and access tools make this process easier through automation, and enable scientists and researchers to access data easily and efficiently.”

If interested, here’s the process to request data starting from the eBird home page. Clicking on the images will take you to that point in the process.

From the home page, click Explore Data.

On the Explore Data page, select the Download Data option (it’s at the bottom of the page).

That will direct you to the Avian Knowledge Base website, then choose Download Data.

That will direct you to the Request Download Access page where you enter your project information and abstract.

eBird data has been used in the past by Team eBird to produce these cool Occurrence Maps!

Why should you eBird?

“If you use the eBird web site to enter all your birding information—and get your friends, family members, students, and colleagues to use it as well—before long the answers to the never ending questions about birds will be found in the eBird database, for use now and for generations that will follow.”