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Support The Birder by Gerry Lattmann

Check out this cool birding movie in the making and support it by clicking the Kickstarter button below if you like what you see!

“THE BIRDER is an intelligent and witty comedy about a mild-mannered high school teacher and avid birder who plots revenge against a younger, hipper rival, after losing the Head of Ornithology position at the local park.”

Less than two days to back Bird Photo Booth!

If you haven’t checked out Bird Photo Booth, you really should. This is an awesome product that gets you up close and personal with the birds. Less than two days are left to back Bird Photo Booth. Even though the project is fully backed, that doesn’t mean you can’t lend Bryson a hand. Plus, you can receive some cool rewards depending on how much you pledge. Check out Bird Photo Booth on their website, Facebook, and Twitter! If you like what you see, then throw a pledge up on their Kickstarter Page!

Bird Photo Booth — Water Test!

Check out this cool video from Bird Photo Booth on a water test they did to show how it will keep your camera, iPhone, or iPod safe from the rain! If you like what you see then check out the Kickstarter Project which is 56% funded with only 16 days left!