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#DErare – Crested Caracara

A Crested Caracara, which will be a first state record for Delaware pending acceptance by the Delaware Records Committee, was found this morning in Millville, Delaware by Sharon Lynn. The bird was first spotted along White Necks Rd. next to the Bay Forest community.

Crested Caracara in Millville, Delaware on 8 March 2013. Photo by Sharon Lynn.

At least a few birders have seen this bird since it was first reported around 09:30 this morning. It seems that if you find a carcass in the general vicinity of the Bay Forest community and White Necks Rd. (another map here) you have a good shot of seeing the bird. The bird was also seen on Old Mill Rd. and Irons Lane in Millville, Delaware.

Crested Caracara in Millville, Delaware on 8 March 2013. Photo by Sharon Lynn.

There have been numerous sightings of Crested Caracara(s) throughout southern New Jersey since last fall and continued through February of this year. The most recent sighting was on 25 February 2013 in Salem County. Although this could potentially be the same bird, a local that lives near the Delaware sighting said the bird has been there since before hunting season, which would make it a completely different bird than the New Jersey individual.

Here are the eBird records from February and March of Crested Caracaras in New Jersey and Delaware, with the most recent being in southern Delaware. The Egg Harbor sightings are from around 10 February 2013.

Crested Caracaras breed in Florida, south Texas, and south-central Arizona. I would think (don’t hold me to this), that these vagrants are either from Florida or Texas.

The Anna’s Hummingbird continues in Newark.

The first record of Anna’s Hummingbird is still visiting a feeder at 257 Delaplane Ave in Newark, Delaware. The bird was banded in November as a hatch year female and has been consistently visiting the feeder at the residence ever since. I’ve been there several times and finally obtained a couple of worthy photographs. This fall and winter have been great for western hummingbirds in the northeast and I have seen numerous myself!

Anna's Hummingbird - Delaware

Anna's Hummingbird - Delaware

The video and photos were taken with a Samsung Stratosphere on a Vortex Skyline 80 Spotting Scope using the Phone Skope Universal Adapter set up.

Phone Skope makes custom adapters for any smartphone and spotting scope combination. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

#DErare–Calliope Hummingbird in Wilmington

This bird was first photographed by Hank Davis on November 9th, but was not positively identified until last night or this morning as a Calliope Hummingbird. The bird was visiting a yard in Wilmington along with a Rufous Hummingbird. If accepted, this will be the first state record for Delaware.

Calliope Hummingbird in Wilmington, Delaware on 11 November 12, Photo by Hank Davis

The bird was supposedly observed by the homeowner this morning, but not seen during a four hour sit by a few birders this afternoon. The last time the bird was confidently observed was November 11, where Hank Davis took these photos: http://harolddavisphotography.smugmug.com/Birds/11-11-12-Calliope-Hummingbird/26516778_vtTW4R#!i=2215008194&k=qGvTZws

Calliope Hummingbird in Wilmington, Delaware on 11 November 2012, Photo by Hank Davis

Post from Andy Urquhart on DE Birds this evening:

“Although the homeowner reports that the Calliope Hummingbird was seen this morning, it was not seen during a 4-hour vigil this afternoon, despite repeated feeder visits by a Rufous Hummingbird also present on the property. A significant difficulty is that the backyard where the bird has been seen is not visible or accessible from the street. The only viewing is from inside the house. The homeowner is willing to try to arrange access for birders, but first we need to determine if the bird is still around. If it is, some directions will be issued for birders to try to get to see the bird.”

More details will be posted to DE Birds when available or if the bird returns.

Link to #ABArare post on the ABA Blog.

#DErare–Anna’s Hummingbird in Newark

A potential first state record of Anna’s Hummingbird is visiting a yard in Newark. First observed on November 3rd, the bird was tentatively identified as a Ruby-throated Hummingbird, but after visits from top-notch birders and some help from the experts the bird has been identified as an Anna’s Hummingbird!

A couple of my friends were able to see the bird this afternoon and compiled this video:

Mike Moore posted key characteristics leading to the ID as an Anna’s on DE Birds.

Photos of the bird were sent to Sheri Williamson, the author of the Peterson’s Field Guide to Hummingbirds of North America. Here is one piece she wrote about the bird:

“You’ve got yourself a state record! Its molt is running well behind most of the juvenile Anna’s we see, but that could indicate a more northerly point of origin. There seems to be too much white in the outer rectrices for a juvenile male, but the gorget pattern suggests that it’s going to be very colorful if it’s a female.”

The bird is being seen at 257 Delaplane Ave in Newark. The homeowner’s (Diane and Steve Freeberry) are birders and are very excited about this bird. They have indicated that people are free to walk down their driveway and look at the feeders behind their house (one on the lower deck, one on the upper). They are having work done on the house, so please stay out of the way of the contractors. There was a lot of noise and activity from the
contractors when I was there but the bird seems oblivious. It comes to the feeders about every 15 min and often perches in the rose bush above the lower feeder or in the large cedar at the bottom of the driveway.

Photos of the bird can be seen here. Also, check out this post on eBird about vagrant western hummingbirds!

Link to the #ABArare post on the ABA Blog.

*Video copyright Kyle Horton and most information in this post is from Mike Moore’s post to DE Birds this morning