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Say goodbye to BirdLog and hello to eBird Mobile!

From BirdsEye Nature Apps:

BirdLog for Android retires on Monday, December 14

BirdLog for Android was recently replaced by eBird Mobile. In advance of this release, we reached out to BirdLog users to inform everyone that support will soon end for BirdLog, and we are writing with a final reminder. That time is nearing; BirdLog for Android will no longer be supported after Monday, December 14. Please download eBird Mobile in order to continue submitting your checklists from the field.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Submit all of your pending checklists from BirdLog. After December 14th you may not be able to submit them!
  2. Download eBird Mobile. It is FREE and the single app works globally.
  3. Log in and make sure it is working on your phone.
  4. Remove BirdLog from your phone so you don’t accidentally use it.

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