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RBA: Birdline Delaware, November 30th, 2012

Bald Eagle feeding on a deer carcass along Rt. 82 at the Delaware/Pennsylvania State Line on 30 November 2012. Photo by Derek Stoner.

Here is the weekly RBA compiled by Andy Ednie that includes photos of birds mentioned. Thanks for all of the photo contributions! Click on links throughout the post to see the original postings to DE Birds, eBird Checklists, and other various links. If you would like to have your photos of birds mentioned below added, feel free to email them to timschreckengost AT gmail DOT com.

* Delaware
* Statewide
* November 30, 2012
* DEST1211.30

Hotline: Birdline Delaware
Date: November 30, 2012
Number: 302-658-2747
To Report: Andy Ednie 302-792-9591 (VOICE)
Compiler: Andy Ednie (ednieap@verizon.net)
Coverage: Delaware, Delmarva Peninsula, nearby Delaware Valley, Southern New Jersey, Maryland
Transcriber: Andy Ednie (ednieap@verizon.net)

For Friday, November 30th, this is Birdline Delaware from the Delaware Museum of Natural History in Greenville. The 2012 Delaware state annual list remains at 328 species.

This week another “SELASPHORUS” HUMMINGBIRD was found in northern Delaware. This bird is reported from an undisclosed location near Prices Corner. This will be the 7th SELASPHORUS found in the state this year! The previous reported HUMMINGBIRD coming to a feeder in Lincoln, Sussex County was banded on the 25th and determined to be RUFOUS. The reported ANNA’S HUMMINGBIRD in Newark continues to be seen this week. That bird is at Diane and Steve Freebery’s house at 257 Delaplane Ave., in Middle Run Manor off Kirkwood Highway. Birders are welcome to come see this bird, walk down the driveway and sit on the back porch for the best viewing. There are two feeders, and
the hummer often sits in the vines and rose bushes on the trellis next to the steps.

First state record of Anna’s Hummingbird in Newark on 30 November 2012. Photo by Joshua Emm.

CROSSBILLS continue to be seen at either end of the state. Five WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS were found at Breck’s Lane off Route 52 near Greenville. RED CROSSBILLS were reported flying over Ashland Nature Center. RED CROSSBILLS have almost been a daily occurrence at Cape Henlopen State Park. Five birds, a male and 4 females were found at the amphitheater in the campground on Friday. Flocks of 7 to 30 were seen flying over the hawk watch. Nine WHITE-WINGED and 7 RED CROSSBILLS were seen at the hawk watch today.

Five White-winged Crossbills at Brecks Lane near Hagley Museum on 29 November 2012. Photo by Derek Stoner.

A COMMON REDPOLL was reported at Bear Swamp in Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge near Smyrna, although further details are not available. Three SNOW BUNTINGS were seen at the Sheerness Dike on Sunday. There have been 2 AMERICAN BITTERNS seen at the edge of Sheerness Pool, just north of the Daly pullout. Five BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERONS were seen at Bear Swamp’s Night Heron Island. There still good amount of shorebirds at Raymond Pool, including 500 AMERICAN AVOCET, plus a single BLACK-NECKED STILT, and 7 to 8 MARBLED GODWITS. Also seen were DUNLIN, YELLOWLEGS and LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER. Waterfowl seen included a single LESSER SCAUP at Bear Swamp, plus RUDDY DUCK, BUFFLEHEAD, TUNDRA SWAN, and PIED-BILLED GREBE

A SHORT-EARED OWL was seen at dusk at Port Mahon this week from the fishing pier looking back over the marsh. Five SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS were found at the parking lot at the far north end of the Port Mahon Road. Another SNOW BUNTING was found along the road past the tower at Little Creek Wildlife Management Area. Also seen that was BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERON and over 300 AMERICAN COOTS.

More AMERICAN AVOCETS, 86 total, were seen at the Logan Lane Tract of the Ted Harvey Wildlife Area, at the South Impoundment. Also seen was a flyover of 40 LONG-TAILED DUCKS. A LESSER SCAUP was seen at the North Pond. Five AMERICAN OYSTERCATCHERS were seen at Mispillion Inlet, from the DuPont Nature Center. Also seen there were a female COMMON GOLDENEYE and BLACK SCOTER.

A YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT was seen along the entrance road to Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge at the sharp 90° turn in the road where there was a lot of sparrows including an AMERICAN TREE SPARROW. FOX SPARROW and RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET were reported at the headquarters area. HOODED MERGANSER, TUNDRA SWAN, and 55 LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS were at the bridge on Cods Road, along with the River Otter. Eight BLACK SKIMMERS continue to be seen at Fowler’s Beach, along with BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER and WESTERN SANDPIPER. A flock of 18 GREAT EGRETS were also seen going into roost there.

Yellow-breasted Chat at Prime Hook NWR on 29 November 2012. Photo by Chuck Fullmer.

Fox Sparrow at Prime Hook NWR on 29 November 2012. Photo by Chuck Fullmer.

Seven CANVASBACK and six RUDDY DUCKS were seen at Silver Lake in Rehoboth Beach. The previous reported RED-HEADED WOODPECKER was seen with two young at Canal Pointe. There were 20 BUFFLEHEAD and 6 RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS seen at Bald Eagle Creek. There continues to be a COMMON EIDER at the North Jetty of Indian River Inlet. Also seen were COMMON LOON, NORTHERN GANNET, and WHITE-WINGED SCOTER. There was also two RUDDY TURNSTONES seen on the jetty.

Juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker at Canal Pointe in Rehoboth on 23 November 2012. Photo by Alissa Kegelman. More photos can be seen here on her SkyDrive.

A PINE SISKIN was seen feeding in a Sweetgum tree at Bellevue State Park today. Also seen was RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH and WINTER WREN. A good number of raptors were seen including MERLIN, RED-SHOULDERED, and RED-TAILED HAWK.

A late OSPREY was at Brandywine Creek State Park on Saturday. CHIPPING SPARROW was also found along with HERMIT THRUSH. A GREAT HORNED OWL was found perched in a tree near the Freshwater Marsh Preserve. Also reported was EASTERN SCREECH OWL and PILEATED WOODPECKER.

Hoopes’ Reservoir is teaming with waterfowl right now. Over 400 RING-NECKED DUCKS were found at Hillside Mill Cove. 60 HOODED MERGANSERS were reported at Carpenter Cove from the Route 82 causeway. Also seen was PIED-BILLED GREBE, a single drake WOOD DUCK, and BALD EAGLE (eBird Checklist). Two YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKERS were found nearby Valley Garden Park.

A CHIPPING SPARROW is still coming to a feeder  in Pike Creek this last week. HERMIT THRUSH, WINTER WREN and GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET were reported at Ashland nature center. Several PURPLE FINCHES were reported coming to a feeder near Georgetown in Sussex Co.

GOLDEN EAGLES were seen at both hawk watches this past week as those programs come to a close. A single GOLDEN EAGLE, plus 2 RED-SHOULDERED HAWKS were seen flying over Ashland Hawk Watch on Monday. Four migratory KILLDEERS were also seen flying over this week.

A juvenile NORTHERN GOSHAWK was seen at the Cape Henlopen Hawk Watch on Friday. GOLDEN EAGLES were seen at the hawk watch yesterday and on Monday. 17 BALD EAGLES were also seen at the latter date. Cape Henlopen also had late OSPREYS on Monday and Tuesday. Other birds reported there included a NORTHERN ROUGH WINGED SWALLOW, PINE WARBLER, several PINE SISKIN, and over 75 SNOW BUNTINGS at the point.

Many thanks to those people that helped put together the Birdline this week including, Diane and Steve Freebery, Hank Davis, Joshua Emm, Tim Schreckengost, Amy O’Neil, Chris and Karen Bennett, Anthony Gonzon, Kar DeGeiso, Bill Stewart, Ian Stewart, Alissa Kegelman, Derek Stoner, Joe Sebastiani, Lynn Smith, Kyle Horton, Chuck Fulmer and Ken Bass. Also, special thanks to our two hawk-counters, Tonya Mommone and Jennifer Ottinger for their excellent work. Please call your reports to me at 302-792-9591 or email to ednieap@verizon.net. Until next time, good birding!!!

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American Tree Sparrow at Prime Hook NWR on 29 November 2012. Photo by Chuck Fullmer.