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Tips for Viewing Snowy Owls from BSBO and Kaufman Field Guides

Follow these tips from Black Swamp Bird Observatory and Kaufman Field Guides when going to see or photograph Snowy Owls.12188212_10153082811455378_1222245697750099686_o

Drum roll please…..and year bird number 400 is?

You’ll have to check out my post at Birding is Fun to see!

A New Smartphone Adapter on the Market – Phone Skope

There’s a new company making, what appears to be solid smartphone adapters for binoculars and spotting scopes. They seem to be reasonable in price and will make a custom adapter for any phone and a universal adapter for those using a “permanent” case, such as an Otter BoxPhone Skope is trying to provide hunter, birders, and other outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to capture special moments using their smartphones. Make sure to check out their Bird Watching products!

One more reason to eBird this January!

eBird just posted a link that shows the total number of checklists submitted for the month of January since the beginning of eBird. The folks at eBird would like you to find a county that is white, pink, or yellow and submit as many checklists for the county this January! Here is the map for Pennsylvania and you can access all the other states at this link.

photo credit: eBird

I cannot believe it is December 1st……already.

Well, it’s December 1st and I am struggling to find time for birding as I am wrapping up my final semester as an Undergraduate student at Penn State. I have one more week of class and then a week of finals. That leaves me with two weeks for birding before the New Year. I reached my goal for Centre County, PA at 200 year birds. My goal for the year in the ABA area was 400 birds and I am sitting 339 species. I highly doubt that I can reach my goal of 400 birds unless someone sponsors me for a trip to south Texas. That would be awesome!, but highly unlikely.

As we gear up for one of the slowest months of birding, there are a few highlights coming up. Christmas Bird Counts are starting up over the next couple of weeks and of course the holiday traveling that comes with the Christmas season. Even though I will not reach my year goal of 400 species, I had a ton of fun this year birding in the southwest, Maine, and all over Pennsylvania with some great people. I also met a ton of great birders and good people in general as the year progressed.

So, as you finish out the last month of the year 2011, just have fun birding!

Win a copy of the Crossley ID Guide and plate posters!

Birders and other nature enthusiasts, do you want a chance to win an autographed copy of the Crossley ID Guide? Well, if you “like” the new Princeton Birds and Natural History facebook site at this link! There will be two prizes given away on Halloween! The first prize is an autographed copy of the Crossley ID Guide along with a poster of the kestrel plate. The second prize is a poster of the Black-throated Blue Warbler plate! Both posters are professionally printed and seem like a great wall hanger for any birder. So, make sure you go “like” the new Princeton Birds and Natural History facebook page for your chance to win. Keep an eye out for future giveaways on the site as well. Good luck!

Photo Study – Why do crows attack Red-tailed Hawks?

Why do crows attack Red-tailed Hawks? I don’t know, but it sure is fun to watch! Here are some photos I took today of a few American Crows attacking a Red-tailed Hawk while my girlfriend and I were taking the dog for a walk.