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Less than two days to back Bird Photo Booth!

If you haven’t checked out Bird Photo Booth, you really should. This is an awesome product that gets you up close and personal with the birds. Less than two days are left to back Bird Photo Booth. Even though the project is fully backed, that doesn’t mean you can’t lend Bryson a hand. Plus, you can receive some cool rewards depending on how much you pledge. Check out Bird Photo Booth on their website, Facebook, and Twitter! If you like what you see, then throw a pledge up on their Kickstarter Page!

Finally! Birds at my Double Tray Window Bird Feeder

American Tree Sparrow at window feeder on 1/14/2012

Back in June, I entered a contest over at The Nemesis Bird to try and win a Double Tray Window Bird Feeder by Wild Birds Unlimited. Well, I ended up winning the contest and finally got the feeder up on my bedroom window. I have a few other feeders placed in front of my window, in which birds have been occupying for some time now. Until Saturday afternoon, I have never observed a bird using my Double Tray Window Bird Feeder. When I walked into my room, an American Tree Sparrow was feeding and was unaware of my presence. This gave me time to grab my camera and snap a few photos. Since then, a number of birds have been utilizing this wonderful feeder including American Goldfinches and Dark-eyed Juncos. There has been one “dominant” American Tree Sparrow whom feels the need to defend the feeder when others come near.

American Tree Sparrow occupying the window feeder on 1/14/2012