I dipped on the Black-headed Gull, but these Ring-billed Gulls provided good photo opps.

After a whole bag of potato chips and no Black-headed Gull, I gave up and decided to photograph the growing flock of Ring-billed Gulls at Hunt Valley Towne Centre in Baltimore County, Maryland.

After the first round of chum, AKA delicious potato chips, this bird walked right up to the car window. We had a staring match, and I won.

I guess this one did something illegal and posed for a mug shot.

This one ate too many chips and had to take a rest. At this point, I was ready to do the same.

This bird stood out among the others, but is still a regular ol’ Ring-billed Gull and nothing special.

For some reason, this bird was raiding the dumpster at the restaurant next door and was throwing this bone up and trying to catch it in it’s bill. It failed multiple times.

This last shot is amusing. I don’t know what this bird is trying to choke down, but it had a tough time. Possibly a bird, a plane, or just a piece of bread. Who knows.