Broad-winged Hawks in Fall Migration

Because Broad-winged Hawks are in full migration right now, I decided to use the explore data function on to see the abundance and frequency of Broad-winged Hawks for this fall, thus far. I used the data that eBirders have submitted for this fall and eBird produced this map showing the frequency of Broad-winged Hawks.

Broad-winged Hawk Fall Migration 2011 (credit: eBird)

As you can see by the map, Broad-winged Hawk migration is heavy on the Atlantic Flyway which explains why the numbers in Pennsylvania have been so high. More information on the Atlantic Flyway can be found here.

I have been to the local hawk watch a few days this fall and tallied over a hundred Broad-winged Hawks, but the total for the season is 1,304 individuals! There were a few days with over 400 Broad-wings! If you want to find out how migration is going at your favorite hawk watch, check out Hawkcount! More information on the Jo Hays Vista Hawkwatch near State College can be found at The Nemesis Bird blog.

Broad-winged Hawk at Jo Hayes Vista near State College, PA

  • Nancy Golf Tango

    Tim, very interesting. Thanks for doing this. I didn’t know about it.
    Nancy Gruttman-Tyler, Hampton, VA

    • Tim Schreckengost

      You’re welcome! I knew about it for a while. I use the explore data function when I go bird new places or make wish lists for hot spots throughout the country. It is a pretty versatile tool if you’re a birder!

  • Robert Mortensen

    Tim, I got to see Broad-winged Hawks at the Idaho Bird Observatory in migration a year or two ago. They actually had decent numbers of them, especially for being so far west. I think eBird will help us understand that their migration range is much broader than previously understood.

    • Tim Schreckengost

      I agree completely. I wish all of the hawk counters would enter their data into eBird to aid in understanding migration.